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Building a new house? You need a rainwater tank

Building a new house? You need a rainwater tank

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A rainwater tank is something that will not be overlooked again in all new constructions, including new constructions for spas or swimming pools that must have a BASIX® certificate. However, if a spa or a swimming pool requires remodelling, a rainwater tank isn’t a necessary requirement. There are various things to consider when selecting a water tank. They include:

Unlike any other type of water, rainwater is said to be free from toxins and safe for drinking. However, the method of collection must be ideal for it to be safe for consumption. Rainwater comes directly from the sky. In this regard, it’s arguably the safest water to drink because it’s free from contaminants and other substances that may contaminate it.
The problem is, rain is seasonal and in the dry periods our roofs are likely to be contaminated with other factors such as tree leaves and branches, animal droppings, and dust. If this issue is not addressed during the rainy season, the water collected will be contaminated and not safe for drinking. Fortunately, there is a recommended way for reducing these contaminants. First Flush Diverter is a perfect way of eliminating these contaminants.

The BASIX® certificate doesn’t give guidelines about the use of this equipment, but it’s actually a very important addition when it comes to rainwater tank installation. Some of the advantages of this device include: - maintaining the cleanliness of the tank, increasing the lifespan of the pump and internal appliances connected to the tank.

How First Flush Diverter Works?

If you are living in a region where there are many trees, then you need the assistance of the gutters and valley leaf guard to support this system. Also, if your home is situated in Bush Fire Prone areas, the gutter and valley leaf guards are a must have and they must be fire resistant or none combustible.Given that BASIX® certificate only give guidelines about the volume of the new house water tank; the type of the rainwater tank can be based on:

The materials that are used frequently to make rainwater tanks are:

The BASIX® certificate allows you to connect your rainwater tank to:

Usually, gardens and lawns, all toilets, and laundry are selected, but some people have different views about laundry. However, given that rainwater is arguably the safest water to drink, it’s also considered to be ideal for laundry.
The BASIX® certificate centre takes all these issues into consideration to try to come up with the best rainwater tank that suits your needs.

Water tanks have many advantages including:

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