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How to Prepare a Base for Installing your Slimline Tank

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How to Prepare a Base for Installing your Slimline Tank

The guidelines of installing slimline tanks are almost the same as those of installing round polythene tanks. However, there is a slight variation when it comes to their dimensions. Slimline tanks are long, high and have a narrower width. The round water tanks are therefore more stable as compared to the slimline tanks.

Just like with round tanks, you will have to prepare the ground for a slimline installation prior to its delivery. This will ensure that you have no problems when it comes to rainwater collection. The first step to preparing a base for installing a slimline tank is to dig out around 100mm of ground to attain a flat level base. However, it is important to note that you will have to install your slimline tank on a concrete base, which may not be the case with round water tanks. You also will not have to use crusher dust.

When preparing the concrete base, use 25mpa concrete mix (on the minimum) and make it at least 100mm (4”). You will also need to place an F62 mesh through your concrete mixture. Once done, your base should be very flat. There should be no bumps whatsoever. Also, strive to make your base wider by about 150mm for proper accommodation of your slimline tank.

If you are going to install your tank besides any type of wall, ensure that you have enough space in between them.

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