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Rainwater Tank Supplier

Precision Poly water Tanks specialise in rainwater harvesting and have years of experience in the industry. We supply round water tanks, underdeck tanks, slimline water tanks and underground water tanks which are all made from food grade polyethylene. Precision Poly Water Tanks is your one stop shop supplying tanks, water tank pumps and all accessories. We can also customise the location of brass outlets and position of overflows on all the tanks we supply and match this up to a suitable pump which will suit your requirements. To order a tank you can fill out the enquiry form or ring us on 1300 810 491.

We offer free delivery on rainwater tanks to most parts of NSW including Sydney, Central Coast and Newcastle, conditions apply. Call us for details and delivery today


Cheap Round Rainwater Storage Tanks

Precision Poly Water Tanks supplies and carries a wide range of round water tanks, with tanks sizes starting from 835-litre capacity right up to 25,000 litres. Round water tanks are very popular and are more suited to properties that have a bit of room. They come in a variety of 24 colours, and there are a colour and size to match every unique situation.  If your looking to install a round water tank, we also carry a range of water tank pumps, water tank accessories to suit every application.

If you're pushed for room and only have a small area, then a Slimline Water Tank may be a better option. We deliver round rainwater storage tanks all over Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle and NSW, Brisbane and Melbourne.

Call us now if you need some advice or information, we are here to help.


Slimline Water Tanks

Slimline water tanks are designed for situations where the room is limited and being aesthetically pleasing while still having the similar storage capacity to a round water tank. Precision Poly Water Tanks supply premium quality Slimline Water Tanks in different colours and sizes ranging from 1670 litres to 5000 litres. If Slimline rainwater tanks are not suitable for your application, then you should consider the round water tanks, underground water storage tanks or underdeck water tanks.  

All Precision Poly Water Tanks slimline rainwater tanks come with a ten-year Australian manufacturers warranty.

Precision Poly Water Tanks deliver their Slimline water tanks all over Sydney, Newcastle and Central Coast, including Brisbane and Melbourne.


Under Deck Water Tanks

Under Deck Water Tanks are fantastic when you are limited for space and can't fit the usual round water tank or slimline water tank. They are perfect and ideal for fitting under the deck or under houses.

Precision Poly Water Tanks supply two sizes 1800 litre and 2000 litres in 24 different colours and deliver all over NSW, Brisbane and Melbourne.

under ground water tanks

Underground Water Tanks

Underground water tanks are becoming more and more popular in major cities and urban areas with smaller blocks of land and more properties being crammed onto them, space is becoming a problem.

If you want a water tank but space is a problem why not consider an underground rainwater tank as an alternative. Underground water tanks are perfect for those urban situations where there is a need to install a water harvesting system, but there’s no room above ground to put it. They are also excellent for homeowners who don't like the appearance of an above ground water tank.

Precision Poly Water Tanks can address that situation, we supply a large range of underground water tanks in all shapes and sizes including Slimline Underground Water Tanks, Round underground rainwater tank and square underground water tanks.

Precision Poly Water Tanks deliver the water tanks all over NSW, Brisbane and Melbourne. 



Water Tank Pumps

Precision Poly Water Tank supply water pumps that are Italian engineered using quality materials that will last. All our water pumps are guaranteed for 2 years by Claytech Pumps an Australian company. Our range of submersible and surface mounted rainwater pumps can service family homes, Granny Flats, rural farm houses, sheds, garden irrigation and commercial business as well as Firefighting water pumps.

Precision Poly Water Tanks can help you to choose the correct pump. You will need to determin the amount of litres per minute required next is to calculate the head pressure.  

Buying the correct size and shape rainwater tank combined with a suitable water pump that is covered with a good quality pump cover will provide you with years of trouble free rainwater.


Water Tank Accessories

Precision Poly water Tanks specialise in rainwater harvesting and have years of experience in the industry. We supply round rainwater tanks, under deck tanks, slimline tanks and underground tanks which are all made from food grade polyethylene. Order Your Water Tank Today

Fast Delivery

Fast Delivery

amazing quality

amazing quality

No Vertical Seams

No Vertical Seams

10 year guarantee on water tanks

10 year guarantee on water tanks

Made in Australia

Made in Australia

Guaranteed not to split

Guaranteed not to split

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