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Water Tank Accessories

adjustable riser
Category: Accessories

600mm adjustable riser with driveable galvanised steel plate


brass outlet
Category: Accessories

Brass tank outlets with rubber gaskets with Left Hand Thread.

25mm brass outlet : $27

32mm brass outlet : $29.50

40mm brass outlet : $32

50mm brass outlet : $37

75mm brass outlet :  $144

100mm brass outlet : $154

first flush water diverter 90mm
Category: Accessories

First Flush Water Diverter

90mm First Flush :$49

1000mm First Flush :$65

150mm First Flush :$154

225mm First Flush :$721


Water tank pump cover
Category: Accessories

Pump Cover

400mm Wide

700mm Long

550mm high

Price :


Category: Accessories

Tank Strainers and Dust Covers

300mm Tank Strainer : $27.50

400mm Tank Strainer : $27.50

500mm Tank Strainer :$27.50

400mm Dust Cover :$27.50

500mm Dust Cover :$27.50

Category: Accessories

Water Tank Gauge :$38

The Tank Gauge is a water level indicator that is very easy to install which has no electrical parts.

The tank gauge has an easy to read dial that use a string and float  which hangs from the inside of the tank to give an accurate water level reading.

Tank Overflow
Category: Accessories

PVC Tank Overflows

90mm overflow with rubber gasket : $28

100mm overflow with rubber gasket : $29.50

Larger overflows available.

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