Underground Tanks

Underground water tanks are becoming more and more popular in major cities and urban areas with smaller blocks of land and more properties being crammed onto them, space is becoming a problem.

If you want a water tank but space is a problem why not consider an underground rainwater tank as an alternative. Underground water tanks are perfect for those urban situations where there is a need to install a water harvesting system, but there’s no room above ground to put it. They are also excellent for homeowners who don’t like the appearance of an above ground water tank.

Precision Poly Water Tanks can address that situation, we supply a large range of underground water tanks in all shapes and sizes including Slimline Underground Water Tanks, Round underground rainwater tank and square underground water tanks.

Precision Poly Water Tanks deliver the water tanks all over NSW, Brisbane and Melbourne.

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    Precision Poly water Tanks specialise in rainwater harvesting and have years of experience in the industry. We supply round rainwater tanks, under deck tanks, slimline tanks and underground tanks which are all made from food grade polyethylene. Order Your Water Tank Today