2000 Litre Underground Round Water Tank


  • Diameter: 1960mm
  • Height: 1270mm

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Tank?! What Tank? …You will have no issues with space around the house when you install the 2000 Litre Underground Round Water Tank. With a small footprint for its generous capacity, your required excavation will be minimised.

This tank is different to others in the market because of its super-strong construction. We add extra powder to our tanks to make sure they’re built to last. The domed top adds strength and storage capacity and this contributes to the small footprint. If you’re installing the tank under a driveway or below a slope, you will need to fit an adjustable riser, which you can trim to size.

You’ll also want to save space when choosing your pump, so we recommend a submersible pump. We stock a range of Claytech submersible pumps, which are available with an AquaSaver change-over switch for mains water.


  • Diameter: 1960mm
  • Height: 1270mm

Standard Fittings:

  • 90mm PVC inlet
  • 90 PVC overflow
  • 25mm poly pump outlet
  • 20mm PVC electrical grommet
  • 300mm inspection plate

Precision Poly water Tanks specialise in rainwater harvesting and have years of experience in the industry. We supply round rainwater tanks, under deck tanks, slimline tanks and underground tanks which are all made from food grade polyethylene. Order Your Water Tank Today