3000 litre Underground Water Tank with 600mm Riser

3000 litre Underground Watertank with 300mm Riser (Adjustable)

  • Height 1400mm
  • Diameter 1960mm
  • Adjustable Riser 300mm maximum height

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There are many poly underground water tanks in the market but nothing offers convenience like Precision Poly’s 3000 Litre Underground Water Tank with 600mm adjustable riser. This means that you don’t need an additional riser and if you have a slopping ground then you can simply cut the riser to the suitable height.But there is more that makes the 3000 Litre Underground Water Tank popular than the additional riser.

The perfect cylindrical shape of the 3000 Litre Underground Water Tank is just ideal to spread the external pressure evenly. But that’s not all that makes this tank a must-have. This is simply one of the best underground rainwater tanks that has a useful capacity for storing worthwhile quantities of water. The high quality polyethylene used to construct this water tank makes it corrosion resistant to last longer. Here are the dimensions of this underground water tank.

The Precision Poly Water Tanks Adjustable riser will fit all our underground water tanks from 1250 litre, 2500 litre, 3000 litre, 3750 litre and 5000 litre underground rainwater tanks.

  • Height 1400mm
  • Diameter 1960mm
  • Adjustable Riser 600mm maximum height

Precision Poly water Tanks specialise in rainwater harvesting and have years of experience in the industry. We supply round rainwater tanks, under deck tanks, slimline tanks and underground tanks which are all made from food grade polyethylene. Order Your Water Tank Today