4175 Litre Tall Slim Water Tank

4175 Litre Tall Slim Water Tank

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Width 700mm
Length 3500mm
Height 2220mm

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The Precision Poly 4175 litre Tall Slimline water tank comes in a wide range of colours which are simialar to the colourbond roof sheets or fence panels around your house.The Tall slimline will fit in spaces where the 4175 litre Short slimline water tank does not fit as the 4175 litre Tall slimline is not as long or wide as the Short slimline.

Besides our 4175 litre Tall Slimline rainwater tank there are also other Slimline rainwatertank sizes to choose from, ranging between 1670 litres and 5000 Litres.

Our 4175 litre Tall Slimline water tanks come with a 10 year Australian manufactures Guarantee.

Precision Poly Water tanks only supplies slimline water tanks that are manufactured in Australia.

Rotational moulding is the process used to manufacture Polyethylene rainwater tanks and chemical tanks.Precision Poly Water Tanks can also help with Custom Moulding.

As well as the 4175 litre Tall Slimline water tank we also supply round water tanks,underground plastic tanks,under deck tanks,fish tanks and stock troughs ranging in size from 835 litres-25000 litres.

Standard Fittings

  • 1 x 25mm BSP brass outlet
  • 400mm Strainer
  • 90mm Overflow

4175 Litre Tall Slimline Water Tank Dimensions:

  • Width:700mm
  • Length:3500mm
  • Height:2220mm

4175 Litre Tall Slimline Rainwater Tanks are fitted standard with the overflow at the strainer end and brass outlet at the opposit end.
If you require fittings in different positions then it must be stated when placing the orders.

Precision Poly water Tanks specialise in rainwater harvesting and have years of experience in the industry. We supply round rainwater tanks, under deck tanks, slimline tanks and underground tanks which are all made from food grade polyethylene. Order Your Water Tank Today